Koda passed his Federal Public Access Test. We have a few things to work on, but overall, he did great! Click the link for a few videos from the day.
Congrats to Nakoda on his first Rally Title (RN)! Had a great weekend in Springfield and earned our title with back to back perfect scores!
We are thrilled to be participating in absolute Dogs "Summer of Transformation" again this year. This cutting edge program uses fun and games to achieve incredible results. There are two learning tracts: "The Bombproof Dog" which creates an effortless partnership, counteracts reactivity and builds a generally confident dog who is able to go through life feeling great about everything and great about YOU! "The Genius Dog" uses games to create a dog that naturally wants to
We are now offering a board and train option to select clients who are struggling with specific issues. We will work with you to create a custom program; we will look at your specific goals and determine how much time we need, and your pup comes to live with us for a while. They enjoy daily hikes on the property and plenty of attention while they work on their manners and listening skills. Following their
Coming in September, 2017. When everyone else goes back to school – your pup can too! We will be launching and entirely new group class program in September Contact Us with any questions or to informed when classes start.
Group Classes