It’s a Place Party!

It's a Place Party!

You’re Invited!

Our Place Party welcomes pups of all focus levels – from seasoned chillers to boundary beginners. It's a fun and fabulous way to build those essential impulse control skills and create a calm canine companion (even amidst distractions!).

Here's the party plan:

Settle in: Gather 'round with your furry friend! Humans will have chairs, while pups will chill on their designated "place" (use our provided cots or bring your own trusty “place” mat). Depending on weather, and the size of the group, it could be indoors or out.

The Game's Afoot: Get ready for some tail-wagging twists with our special game cards! There are "Action Cards" (think tossing a ball to a buddy) and "Player Cards" (your neighbor draws a card, keeping things interesting!).

Uno Rules! Play your cards right (literally!) to get rid of your pile and become the ultimate Place Party pro! The first pup to clear their cards wins bragging rights (and maybe a treat!).You can only clear a card by successfully completing the task! If your dog breaks their boundary while another dog is performing a skill, you draw a card.

The Place Party counts as a class! Join for a single session at $25, or it's included in your monthly pawsome package of $100.

Winner's Trophy: Want to commemorate your pup's Place Party prowess? A snazzy winner's trophy is available for an additional $5!

Ready to join the Place Party fun? RSVP by clicking on the calendar entry!

So grab your pup and get ready for a fabulous party that strengthens those "place" skills and celebrates calm confidence!


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