Who We Are

After spending time working with various trainers that used ‘old school’ methods, we knew there must be a better way. We struck out on our own to learn different techniques and gain a better understanding of canine behavior. Believing strongly that fear cannot be resolved through correction; and that dogs deserved to be treated with compassion and respect, REACH K9 was born.

Bridgette Ashmore:
Head Instructor

Bridgette is a certified dog trainer and the founder of REACH K9. She is dedicated to building stronger, more respectful relationships between dogs and their owners by improving communication. With years of experience, her passion is for helping dogs overcome their fears and helping owners become more knowledgeable about their dogs. She has successfully worked with many different dogs and owners from many different backgrounds. Committed to force-free/pain-free/fear-free approaches, she uses modern methods backed by science to help dog owners establish a stronger connection with their dogs.

She keeps her skills up by regularly pursuing courses and seminars and puts great value on continuing education. Certifications include Holistic Canine Behavior, Rescue Dog Cognition and Rehabilitation and most recently she was certified by AbsoluteDogs as a game-based Pro Dog Trainer & Dog Geek. A Northern transplant, she moved to VA from CT and looks forward to serving dogs and their owners in the local community.

Jaime Carnahan-Ranck:

Jaime joined REACH in the fall of 2017. She is a professional groomer, certified canine swim coach and group class instructor. She holds a BS in biology and has held many interesting animal related positions throughout the years; including zookeeper, pet store owner, doggie day care counselor, breeder/handler, and large/small animal veterinary assistant.  Her household includes her husband, twin boys, 4 dogs and several chickens. She has achieved CGCA, therapy dog certification and various trick dog titles on her Standard Poodle, Dusty, and is currently training him for Rally.