Virtual Learning

Why Virtual Training?

You want to be a good pet parent. You want to train your dog. You just can’t seem to find a local class that fits your schedule! Perhaps you just don’t do well in  traditional group settings, or you’re worried your dog will be overwhelmed in a group setting. There are many reasons virtual training might be a great fit for you!

You know it will take patience and hard work, and you’re willing to dedicate the effort –you just need a little guidance.

Our online classes and programs are designed to provide that guidance. With write-ups and videos; the steps  of each skill are explained and demonstrated.  You are encouraged to submit questions and send videos to our instructors along the way to make sure you are on the right track.

Zoom sessions are also available for private training or to connect about a program or class.

With a variety of offerings, from mini-series to online challenges, and new offerings being added  regularly, there’s sure to be something that piques your interest and motivates you to pick up the leash!

Contact Us any time for more information on our Virtual Training courses!

Virtual Learning Courses

Zoom Learning

All our instructors are available to work remotely. Wherever you are in the world – if you can’t come to us, we’re happy to join you in your living room! Contact us to arrange a remote session.

One of our most popular programs! You will learn 25+ short games to play with your dog to build focus, confidence, proximity and orientation to you; building  your trust in each other and bringing your relationship to new heights! In addition, it’s FUN!

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Focus on the core components of a fitness program; strength, flexibility, balance, proprioception and endurance – to help your dog be the best they can be. A fit dog can enjoy a more active lifestyle and participate in more fun!

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If you struggle with your dog and are looking for a way for him to learn better coping skills, this program is for you. You will learn about your dog’s brain and how he thinks, and you will practice games and techniques to help build calmness and make better choices.

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All the basics you need to get started on the right path! Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Place, etc are all covered in this course.

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Help your pup learn good etiquette by working on polite greetings, sitting for petting, walking by another dog, leave it, drop it, doorway manners etc.. All  skills to help your dog live happily in the human world!

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Get out and get active!  Teach your pup the basic moves of canine parkour.  Great for building your relationship and working on your communication as  you teach you dog to balance, jump, crawl, perform wraps, and stay still!

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The leash is a tool for communication between you and your dog. Understanding it and using it to relay information, confidence, and guidance will help you and your dog enjoy your time together! If youre struggling with loose leash walking, chances are - it has nothing to do with the leash. Learn to build value in proximity, and the leash will no longer be an issue! This class is great for fixing loose leash walking issues.

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Explore the foundations of a great Loose Leash! Play games to teach your dog some great leash skills and improve their ability to focus on you! There is no time limit on the course - once you buy it, it's yours forever (even if we update it!). There are write ups and videos, to demonstrate the skills. We also talk a bit about the science behind why your dog does what he does, and how you can help shape his brain to make better choices.

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Convenient Training You Didn't Know You Needed!

Human skills to help you be the best possible guardian for your pup. Sometimes you just don't know, what you don't know. Learn the information you need to enjoy a successful relationship with your dog! Includes interviews with vets, groomers, trainers, etc… answering what they wish new owners knew!

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The recall is one of the most important skills your dog can have. In this mini-class, we present you with a dozen of our favorite games to build up your recall cue, and proof your skills to make sure your dog comes when he's called - every time!

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Boundaries have so many uses; from skill building to behavioral modification. We use them to develop impulse control, focus, practice calmness, build cues at a distance, tolerate movement and sounds, the list goes on. In this mini-class, we present you with our favorite games to build up value in your boundary, and proof your cues against distractions giving you a fabulous tool to supercharge your training!

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The recall is one of the most important things we can teach our dogs – yet its also one of the biggest struggles owners face! In this course, not only do we teach the dog to respond to the whistle, but we also take a look at building value in proximity and disengagement from the environment.

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The long line is one of our absolute favorite training tools. Once you get the mechanics down, it can help proof all kinds of cues, and build your dog’s response to work towards off-leash freedom. In this course we show you a bunch of tips and games to improve your handling skills, and make the long-line your favorite tool too!

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Google Classroom

Our Virtual Learning courses are available through Google Classroom.  It is an easy platform to use and you will be learning in no time.

We've made the process easy, too.

  1.  Pick the Class, Challenge or Program you are interested in
  2.  Make your purchase
  3.  Go to and sign in with your Google account (you can create a Google account if you don't have one yet)
  4.  Click the + sign in the upper right corner of the screen and select Join Class
  5.  Enter the Class Code you received when you made your purchase
  6.  Start learning!

For all Virtual Items, a link to you Class Code and Instructions will be provided in your email receipt.  Please check your receipt for your Class Code.  If you do not receive your email receipt within 2 hours, please contact us.  Thank you.