12 Month Training Goals Challenge!

12 Month Training Goals Challenge!

We know getting good results is all about consistency and follow through! Every month this year - we challenge you to commit to a personal goal for that month. Achieve the goal - get a medal. Achieve your goal all twelve months and get a custom medal display holder! (pictures coming soon)

Cost: $10/mo

Dates to know:

  • Goal must be declared by the 5th of the month.
  • If life gets in the way and you know you're not going to make your goal; one goal change is allowed but it must be done by the 15h.
  • Goals must be completed by the last day of the month.

You must declare a reasonable goal! A challenge, but not too easy or too hard!

Start your challenge here!  Your payment receipt will have your download for your declaration page.

Goals can be anything; it all depends where you are at in your training journey!


  • Pass another dog without reaction
  • Earn your CGC or other Manners Title
  • Potty Train / Crate train a new puppy
  • Work with your dog for 30 minutes every day
  • Compete in a trial
  • Practice engagement / disengagement in 5 new places
  • Submit a virtual entry to a sport
  • Attend at least one class every week
  • Earn a title (tricks, parkour, sport....)
  • Walk a cumulative 25 miles
    • ...and anything else you might be working on!

Need help staying motivated and being held accountable to your goal? Join our facebook group for our Goal Getters! Celebrate your progress and encourage others!

As always - if you have any questions - just get in touch!


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