Dance Off!

Dance Off!


My friend and fellow trainer Leigh Sylvester has had her students practicing their rally moves to music; and the videos she's sent me are fantastic! Being competitive as I am, i couldn't help but see it as a challenge. If they can do it, so can we! So - Leigh - I declare a challenge! A little North versus South Dance Off!

So everyone - I've added a few extra classes to the February schedule (Saturday afternoon)..Dust off your dancing shoes, and sign up! If you can't make it to the classes, you can access the routine by clicking here. If you'd like to participate, but you (or your dog) are a bit worried about being on camera, or your dog prefers to dance alone; you can work on the routine at home and video your solo.

For those of you wondering exactly what this entails; just picture dancing with your dog... using your basic cues and movements set to music. Laughing and Joking will be mandatory! 🙂

We'll practice a few classes, then i'll video our routines. Questions? Just ask!


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