REACH your Resolution!

REACH your Resolution!

Announcing REACH K9's
REACH your Resolution Challenge!

2018 is the year of the dog - and we want to make it a great one! There are 3 categories; Fitness Resolution, Relationship Resolution, and Title Resolution. Each category has challenges and goals; and there will be ribbons and prizes for each!

Fitness Resolution: Best Friend Edition!
• Highest Percentage Lost- Dog
• Highest Percentage Lost- Owner
• Highest Percentage Lost - Team
• Most pounds lost – dog
• Most pound lost – owner
• Most pound lost – team

Relationship Resolution
• Most consecutive days of interaction
• Most miles walked/hiked together
• Fastest obstacle course time

Title Resolution
• Most titles/awards
• Highest Title/award
• First Title/award ever earned

We will also have rewards for oldest dog, youngest dog, participant from farthest away, etc... If you have a suggestion for a measurable goal you'd like to see added - let us know!

Pick one, or do all three! Participate from anywhere in the world! For each category your register for, you will receive information, tips and videos to help, and discounts on lessons and classes. There is a small fee for registering; to cover the costs involved.

The actual challenge starts January 8, and will run for 12 weeks. This way you have time to eat those last few Christmas cookies, binge a little more Netflix, and enjoy the last few days of vacation. (Here in VA - we also get back up into warmer temps by the 8th! Monday should be 56 degrees) So - between now and then, think about how you can make life with your dog even better, start mentally preparing to beat your competition, clean out the fridge, stock up on veggies and get ready to REACH your Resolution!

To get started, fill out the form below.  Once complete, you will be redirected to the store to make payment.  If you choose, you can pay when you arrive for your Resolution Class.

Resolution Registration Form

  • Once completed, you will be redirected to the store where you can make payment. If you wish to pay when you arrive, please select that option and check out with a zero balance.



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