The Puppy Passport Program

The Puppy Passport Program

Our newest program for young puppies and their owners! Designed to get you out and about, playing games and building concepts like focus, calmness, confidence, and adaptability. Using an actual passport and travel stamps, get credit for each task you complete. Earn ribbons along the way and build a book of memories for you and your pup! The idea is simple; you'll get a 'travel guide' with suggested activities and you choose places to visit and things to do to build your puppy's foundation. Get credit for each thing you accomplish. You can work on your own, or join us for a class (classes are an additional fee).

  • 10 places - Traveler
  • 20 places - Adventurer
  • 30 places - World Explorer

Program includes a travel bag with some adventure supplies, passport, stickers, treats, progress ribbons, and of course - support and guidance from us!

Enroll anytime; Program cost is $39.

Although geared for youngsters; there is no age limit. If you want to play along with your older dog - go right ahead! 🙂

To register for the program, just shoot us as email at [email protected]



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