ABC & 123 Challenge

ABC & 123 Challenge

Its back to school time! Whether you home school and want a fun project to involve the kiddos, or you have the day to yourself and want to entertain your pup - you'll love our September Challenge! The idea is simple - work your way through the alphabet, with each letter inspiring your task. It could be a skill, a prop or a location - as long as it goes with the letter on the page! See how many you can string together for bonus points! My Boy Learned a Brilliant Back Behind a Blue Bench at the Ballpark with a Bouncy Ball!

There is no deadline. Work through the book at your pace. See how many different things you can come up with. Jot them down on the back of the page. If you did something super creative - please share it with us! Email, txt, FB - we'll post it to encourage others.

You can download the book and play for free here:

If you want just the blinged up commemorative medal, it's 10$ and you can request it here:

If you want to go all in and get the printed book, some fun stuff and the medal, its $25 and you can request it here.


Please note - We prefer that you come pick up any items that you order. If you are not local, we will contact you to arrange shipping fees.


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