Road Trip Challenge

Road Trip Challenge

Happy National Road Trip Day!

National Road Trip Day is an annual holiday dedicated to those who love hitting the road and exploring the country by land. Celebrated on the Friday before Memorial Day, this holiday serves as the official kickoff to the summer road trip season.

This particular national day was conceived by Pilot Flying J, the largest travel center operator in North America, and it was officially declared as such in 2019. The day comes right before Memorial Day, which itself comes at the beginning of the summer months. It's no wonder that this Friday in May makes the perfect time to celebrate road travel.

To celebrate this day - you can download a FREE copy of our Road Trip Challenge! If you are looking for things to do with your dog - this will give you plenty of options. No - you don't have to travel out of state - you just have to be creative! Click the link below to get your copy! This link will only be active for 24 hours - so don't wait!

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copies of the book can be purchased on line here:


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