Fit 4 Fall

Fit 4 Fall

All month long we will be focusing on fitness! It might seem like the wrong time of year - but early nights and cold days are perfect for learning the basics, practicing stretches and using your living room for creative exercises that targets specific areas. Long hikes, miles of running, and playing fetch are great for cardio - but dogs benefit from stretching and strength training, just like humans! Watch for special classes and workshops this month. They will be posted on FB and the calendar on our website.

We will also be having a month long challenge to encourage you to get out with dog. The Fit 4 Fall 5 Mile challenge! Register before Nov 10. (just email or text us). Pay $15. Keep track of your walks. Do it all at once, or a little at a time. Join us on our Saturday morning Out & About walk, or rack up the miles on your own. Just keep track, and when you hit 5 miles - let us know. Your efforts will be reward with a special glitzy medal!

Any questions - just let us know!


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