Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of your trainer's house when she got a new puppy to see all the things a pro does? Here's your chance! In an effort to fund the pup's future show career, we have set up a private FB group. For just 25$ you can follow along our journey together. We will post pictures and videos daily (or as close to daily as we can manage!) We
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We have lots of fun stuff planned for this year! You can always check out the calendar to see what's coming up, but i'll also gather all the flyers and registrations here so you can access it all in one easy place! Just click on the heading to get more! Trick Dog Workshop - February 20, 2022 WCRL Rally FLASH Class Workshop - March 6, 2022 Tellington TTouch Workshop - April 20, 2022
January is National Train Your Dog month - what better way to get everyone excited about working their pup than with another challenge? To honor this month, we would like to offer a game of chess. In dog training - sometimes we advance, sometimes we take a step back. Sometimes the unexpected happens. It's rarely a straight line from planning to goals. We have to look ahead, stay flexible and always be ready to adapt
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We've got some big things planned for the coming year! We've also had some challenges over the past few months, so we are making some changes! You may notice some new things on the website - links may be temporarily down while we create new content - please bear with us while we get everything up and running! If you have any questions, just let us know!
The theme is The 12 Dogs of Christmas. We would love it if you'd post pictures and videos on facebook but you dont have to. Its free to play along, but if you'd like to purchase a commemorative medal (that doubles as a tree ornament) its $10. . Rules: You MUST have fun! Do not take this too seriously! Be creative! Adapt the exercise to suit you and your dog. Change it up however you
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