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All the basics you need to get started on the right path! Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Place, etc are all covered in this course.


Help your pup learn good etiquette by working on polite greetings, sitting for petting, walking by another dog, leave it, drop it, doorway manners etc.. All  skills to help your dog live happily in the human world!


Get out and get active!  Teach your pup the basic moves of canine parkour.  Great for building your relationship and working on your communication as  you teach you dog to balance, jump, crawl, perform wraps, and stay still!


The leash is a tool for communication between you and your dog. Understanding it and using it to relay information, confidence, and guidance will help you and your dog enjoy your time together! If youre struggling with loose leash walking, chances are - it has nothing to do with the leash. Learn to build value in proximity, and the leash will no longer be an issue! This class is great for fixing loose leash walking issues.

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More in depth learning to tackle problems and build better relationships. Include Relationship Revival, Fit4Fun, and Reactivity: Conquered.

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