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If you are interested in a challenge shown here, please talk with us during your next class or lesson before purchasing.  You can also email us for more information.


We have taken many group classes and we have often found them to be quite  boring! We’re also big geeks that enjoy gaming. The two combined provided the inspiration for this new program and we’re really excited about it! Leveling  Up – having tangible, achievable goals – keeps us motivated to keep playing; so we hope it will motivate you to keep training! Skills range from basic manners and obedience to tricks and parkour. Complete 10 skills to earn a ribbon and move to the next level!

$15 per Level Ribbon | $25 for Top Dog Title

Level Up! Ribbon

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Level Up! Top Dog Title

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Think your dog has what it takes? Test your dog through 4 different levels of progressively challenging feats! From tolerating noise and strange surfaces, to performing unique tricks and traversing obstacles – The Confident Canine Challenge will help you and your dog work together to achieve a common goal.

$15 per level


Each state is known for something, and we've tied that into a training task. For example, Arkansas is known as the Natural State - so your task is to practice some training outside! There are ribbons and prizes along the way, and there is no deadline... take your time and have fun! (You don’t need to travel to each state to perform your tasks!) Pick up a copy of the book and work your way through a virtual cross country road trip!


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More in depth learning to tackle problems and build better relationships. Include Relationship Revival, Fit4Fun, and Reactivity: Conquered.

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