The Spring “R” Games

The Spring "R" Games

You’ve heard of the Summer X Games? Well – get ready for our annual Spring “R” Games! The R is for Recall – one of the most important skills your dog can have.  We will test your recall in a variety of scenarios.

Your recall must be positive! Make it fun and use great rewards. Absolutely no aversives (no e-collars, leash corrections, etc…)

Challenges include:

  • Fastest recall,
  • Best distracted recall,
  • Best recall through obstacles,

….and more….

Ribbons and Prizes will be awarded!

The Recall Games are open to everyone young and old! It is held at one of the most beautiful properties in Powhatan – using their gorgeous barn for the actual runs. Dogs will run one at a time, and doors will be closed to ensure everyone’s safety. There is plenty of room to spread out in between your runs.  If your dog needs special consideration – please let us know ahead of time.

$20 covers as many challenges as you’d like to participate in.

Need some help practicing your recall? Here's our handout with the top 10 rules of recall and our favorite recall games! Click here.



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