Owner Education

These classes are for humans only and will give you a better understanding and new knowledge to make sure you're doing everything you can for you pup!

Prior to paying for ANY class, please contact us to make sure there is room available. You may also be eligible for a discount! If you prefer to pay by cash or check, just bring your payment to class.

Is your dog happy?: Learn to read your dog in a variety of situations. Recognize signs of stress and fear, as well as happiness. Being able to understand when he's trying to communicate will help you prevent negative situations and accelerate your training.
Canine First Aid & CPR Another class in our Owner Education series; this class is also for humans only; learn basic first aid and CPR so you know what to do to save your friend in an emergency!
What's That?: If you have ever walked into a pet supply store, or flipped through a catalog, you may have been overwhelmed by the number of equipment choices available. How do you choose the right 'tool' for you and your dog? Anyone you ask has their own opinion and seldom has the training or experience to make a proper recommendation. In this class we review many of the common tools out there; discuss their proper applications, and look at how to size them correctly.
K9 Fitness & Nutrition: Just like us, our furry pals need proper exercise and good diets. In this Owner class, we will review some basic conditioning techniques and exercise theory as well as nutrition myths and fables and what to do to ensure you’re keeping your best friend at his best!

Class dates will be posted on Facebook, and posted on the Calendar.

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