Drop-In Classes

Pick & Choose! You can drop in to these one hour classes whenever your schedule allows.
Cost: $25/class. Discounts available!

Although there are no specific pre-requisites for these classes; your dog should have a pretty good grasp on the basics. If you're dog is reactive, or has issues please contact us prior to registering.

Prior to paying for ANY class, please contact us to make sure there is room available. You may also be eligible for a discount! If you prefer to pay by cash or check, just bring your payment to class.

Reliable Recall: Learn new games to practice and reinforce one of the most important skills your dog can have! Ideal for all levels, whether you are a seasoned owner or just starting out.
Finding Focus: Learn some tricks to get your dog to tune in to you no matter where you are or what distractions are present!
Relationship Games: Sometimes we can get a little off track and get frustrated or discouraged. Get a new perspective and heal the damage with games designed to enhance your bond!
Dinner Party: No more jumping on guests or begging at this table! Practice proper dinner time etiquette and solve common problems!

Class dates will be posted on Facebook, and posted on the Calendar.

We accept your personal check, as well as PayPal