Confidence Training/Parkour

You may notice some blue and yellow agility obstacles when you drive past; but that's just a fraction of the course!

We do not train for competition agility. We do train for confidence, balance, strength, mental stability, problem solving, and adaptability. The course is adaptable for all sizes and skill levels. We are always adding new obstacles and challenges. Whether we are building up confidence to overcome fear and reactivity issues or teaching body awareness to ensure our working dogs do so safely... we take a positive approach and make sure your dog leaves just a bit better than he arrived!


Time on the course is by appointment only. Please Contact Us for information or watch the Events Page for special offerings! (Don't forget to like us on Facebook for event updates too!)
All dogs are welcome on course; there are no prerequisite skills. Please Contact Us to discuss your goals. We will give you tips and some skills to work on before your appointment.

Conditioning work for our canine athletes has been a long standing tradition with serious competitors, but now pet owners can enjoy the benefits of this work too!

Conditioning work like this; using environmental obstacles found in our everyday life, teaches focus and balance; strengthens key muscle groups, and helps your pup overcome fears. Playgrounds, woodland trails, and urban street-scapes can all offer unique training challenges. Now there is a group dedicated to this aspect of sport; offering guidance to beginners, and titles to mark progress!  Contact Us for more details.

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Videos from our Novice Title submission

Some of the Obstacles