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From upper level obedience to fun confidence building games, there are dozens of uses for platforms, perches and planks. In this mini-series we will show you  how to build value for the obstacle, and how to successfully use the prop in training.



The recall is one of the most important skills your dog can have. In this mini-class, we present you with a dozen of our favorite games to build up your recall cue, and proof your skills to make sure your dog comes when he's called - every time!


Boundaries have so many uses; from skill building to behavioral modification. We use them to develop impulse control, focus, practice calmness, build cues at a distance, tolerate movement and sounds, the list goes on. In this mini-class, we present you with our favorite games to build up value in your boundary, and proof your cues against distractions giving you a fabulous tool to supercharge your training!

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More in depth learning to tackle problems and build better relationships. Include Relationship Revival, Fit4Fun, and Reactivity: Conquered.

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