From the Judge’s Point of View


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-Detailed explanations of rules, regulations & scoring methods

-The different WCRL levels & information pertaining to each

-What judges look for in teams while in the ring

-Proper execution of all exercises (based on the level of teams)

-Ask the Judge: Question & answer session for all participants

This workshop is very interactive and working teams will be practicing throughout the workshop. (Dogs must be able to work around the presence of other dogs and to be crated inside) Leigh Sylvester and her Shiloh Shepherd, Kingston have had great success in the sport of rally. In 2017 they became the 1st Shiloh Shepherd team to ever earn the ARCHMX title in any country through World Cynosport Rally. As of 2022 they now have earned 7 ARCHMX titles together & are still the only Shiloh Shepherd to have achieved this title.

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Level of Participation

Working Spot, Audit Spot, Additional Dog, Working Spot + Private