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Have you ever wondered how we train dogs that stay with us? We do not take in many board and train clients, and in fact, it is almost never our first recommendation. We much prefer to teach YOU how to work YOUR dog. However, some situations require a little extra. When we take on a board and train client, we video all of our lessons/trainings for the owner. We annotate the videos and provide write ups for them through a Google Classroom just about their dog. This provides a great reference for them when the dog goes home, and they need to look up some information. Of course, we also send the owner daily pictures and short clips - but the training videos have all the notes. We also include pertinent handouts and other information.

We have decided to open up the classes we created for others to learn from. You can follow each dog's journey during their time with us. Watch how we handle certain situations, and how we help the dog learn to make better choices.

There are currently 6 cases this year, so that's less than 50$/case for dozens of videos and written information. Yes, there are some overlaps - but each dog works differently, and approaches the exercise differently so there's still information to be learned!

And of course, like all our virtual programs, you can also ask questions via email any time!

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