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First Day of Spring

It's back! Our spring scavenger hunt!

When: First Day of Spring, continuing for 10 days (3/19 – 3/29)

Where is it: Wherever you want!

Cost: $15

How it works: Have you ever played the game Scattegories? Everyone gets a letter and a topic and only the most unique answers get the point. Our scavenger hunt will work the same way. Everyone will have the same list - but only the most unique entries will get the point. For example - #4 asks you to find a natural object for your dog to sit on. If two people submit photos with their dog sitting on a rock, neither of them get the point because they both submitted the same thing. However, if you submit a picture of your dog sitting on something really unique that no one else thinks of – then YOU get the point! – Most points wins! The hunt will run for 10 days - you can work on your own, wherever you want, and submit photo evidence to us as you complete it.

If you submit something early on, and during your questing find something better – you can submit a new photo. Just let us know which one you want us to use.

Text (914.886.2689) or email ([email protected]) your photos to us as soon as you do them.

To sign up: Big green register button, or email me at [email protected]

Questions? Email [email protected]


March 18, 2020


March 19, 2020

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