Annual Egg Hunt

Annual Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt is Back!

April 15 - April 30

Returning for its third year - our annual egg hunt!
How it works is simple: I stuff a bunch of plastic Easter eggs with super yummy, super smelly treats and hide them around our confidence course. You schedule a time for your hunt (There will only be one dog scheduled on course at a time) and pay $20. You and your dog take on the course and find as many eggs as you can in 15 minutes. In order for it to count; your dog's nose must touch the egg. Whoever finds the most eggs, wins!

Yes, there are ribbons and goodies!
(wouldnt be a REACH event without them, would it?)

Kids are welcomed and encouraged to participate along with their pup. Safety is always our first priority; and we prefer dogs wear harnesses (instead of collars) on the course. After you've finished your hunt, you will be allowed some extra time to work on the course.

Click here to send us an email and schedule your hunt! Please provide us with two days/times, and we will get back to you and confirm.


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